How to create a free product

There are two ways to make a product free on Gumroad: 

1. You can use our pay-what-you-want feature and set a price of $0+ for your products, allowing customers to enter “0″ for the price and access your product for free. Note: The largest size a pay-what-you-want product can be is 250 MB

2. You can send customers a 100% off discount code

Using pay-what-you-want to create a free product

To create a free product using the pay-what-you-want feature, just type  0+ in the Amount box. After moving on to the next page, scroll down to Amount and re-enter 0+ in the box and it will automatically turn on the Allow customers to pay what they want toggle. You can also add a suggested amount: doing so will auto-fill the price box on the product page with the suggested amount (for example, if your suggested amount is $5, the price box will read $5+. Note that your customers would still be able to type 0 to get the product for free if you set the amount as $0+).

Creating a 100% off discount code

Set a non-zero price for your product (i.e. $1).

Go to the Checkout tab of your product’s edit flow to create a discount code for 100% off the price or the amount-off in dollars equivalent to your price.

Click Save Changes in the upper-right-hand corner of your screen.

Click Share next to the offer code to copy the discount code URL to your clipboard.

You can now send this URL to your customers, and the discount code will automatically be applied. 

To send customers and fans directly to the download button, simply add ” ?wanted=true” to the end of your URL.

Importing Customers to a Product Through Offer Codes:

If you’re looking to import customers into a product, you’ll need to create a 100% off offer code for them. That way they become customers of that product and will appear in your Customers page and in the CSV you can download of your sales. 

Does Gumroad take a fee on free products?

No. We only make money when you do!