Best Practices for Selling Physical Goods

Best practices

While we’ve provided you with a set of tools to support the selling of physical products, but it is up to you to use those tools to ensure customer satisfaction, increase brand love, and ultimately grow your business through the chatter of happy buyers. As you set up your business, here are some ways to grow it into one that people love to buy from.

1. Be clear on what you’re selling: No one likes to be disappointed. Make sure your followers understand exactly what they are buying from you by being clear about all the things that could impact their decision to buy your product. Your product description should include details like:

  • Useful sizing information
  • Product dimensions
  • Specifics on fabrics and textures
  • Shipping dates and estimated arrival times
  • Your refund policy

2. Be timely with your delivery: Don’t forget that someone is waiting with bated breath for your latest creation to be their latest purchase. The sooner you get your product into your customer’s hands the sooner they can start crowing about how much they love it.

Plan to ship out orders within 5-7 days of sale. This means selling what you have, not what you hope to have. In other words, you should be ready to go to market before you get there.

Unfortunately, delayed delivery or non delivery can create a nearly irreversible negative buying experience, hampering your ability to grow your business down the line. Repeatedly delaying shipping puts you at a higher risk of chargebacks from disappointed customers. Your account could be suspended or terminated if your chargeback rate is too high.

If your product is more than a week away from beings shipment ready, consider setting up a pre-order instead. This way, excited customers can place an order right away and rest easy knowing that their cards will not be charged until you’re 5-7 days away from shipment.

3. Be clear on your method and timing of delivery: Chances are your followers are going to want to track that new purchase like a homing pigeon (ok…maybe more like their arriving Uber driver). Let your customers know when to expect their order as soon as they’ve made a purchase and give them a tracking number once their order has shipped. Trust us, they’ll thank you for it.

Let us know if you have any questions. Otherwise, follow these guidelines and you’ll have eager customers lining up for more before you know it.