The Payouts Dashboard

What is the Payouts page?

The payouts page is where you can see your upcoming and past payouts. Each payout is listed there, with your total amount of sales, Gumroad’s fees, as well as refunds, chargebacks, or affiliate fees that are taken out of your gross sales. You can export a CSV of each payout after it’s been paid to you. 

Unlike your sales dashboard or your customers tab, your balance page is not where you would go to see your most up-to-date sales. The balance page shows you how much you have made, and will be paid, from the current payout period. Another difference is that the Balance page adheres to UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) while the Sales dashboard syncs to your account’s time zone. So don’t be alarmed if you see a slight mismatch in the sales amount for the same dates.

If you have connected your account to PayPal Connect under Payments in your Settings then the sales you’ve made through PayPal will be displayed on this page as well. You will then see the “PayPal Payouts” line under the fees. This money has already been paid out to your PayPal account directly, so we subtract them from your total sales:

The top of the payout page shows you how much you’ve made in the past 7 days, the past 30 days, and the entire time you’ve had your account – after Gumroad’s fees have been taken out. These are your net sales – in other words, how much customers have paid for your products. Click the three lines next to TOTAL to see a full breakdown of all of your sales. 

Your upcoming payout

This will be shown directly at the top of the page. This provides you with a rundown of your sales in the past payout period, as well as Gumroad fees, chargebacks, refunds, and affiliate commissions that would be deducted from your payout.

Your total sales and corresponding fees are listed in US Dollars ($), regardless of the currency that you sell in, so don’t be alarmed by any discrepancies if you charge in Australian or Canadian dollars.

What is a “payout period?”

Every payout you receive is for sales made up to the previous Friday. In other words, when you make a sale, the money from that sale has to sit in your balance for at least 7 days. 

To make that more clear… 

We have to hold onto money you’ve made from your sales for at least 7 days. For example, if a payday lands on Friday the 14th, you will be paid that day for all sales made up to midnight of Friday the 7th. 

On Friday the 14th, you  would not not be paid out for any sales made after midnight of Friday the 7th, UTC time. Those sales (from the 7th – 14th) are allocated to the payout that would take place on Friday the 21st. 

In short, if you want an accurate, up-to-date running tally of your of your sales, see the Analytics page. The balance page is, again, not a place to see *all* of your sales. 

Underneath each payout, after you’ve been paid out, you can export a CSV of the sales that comprise this payout. 

Under Review… 

If you have recently created your account, or you have been notified about irregularities on your account, you will see that your account is under review. For a thorough explanation on reviews, please see our article about getting paid.

After your account has been reviewed, you will see your first payout date.