Getting Paid by Archipal


  • Setting up your Payouts and your first payout
  • Direct Deposit Payouts
  • PayPal Payouts
  • Currency
  • PayPal Connect
  • Risk Review
  • Pay Day!
  • Understanding the Balance page
  • Your Sales Dashboard
  • Payout delays
  • Some quick payout facts
  • Payments FAQ

ArchiPal enables creators to sell directly to their audience — so that they can make a living doing what they love. Getting paid is simple; you should never have to think about it.

When your customers used a credit card on a purchase, the money sits in your balance for a week, and is then sent to you. If you are eligible, sales made via PayPal can be paid out to you instantly. More on that later.

After we have taken our fee from each of your sales (we charge those fees per sale, not on the lump sum of your sales), your net sales will be sent in their entirety to your PayPal or bank account. We pay all the necessary fees to get your money there. If you have £50 in your ArchiPal balance, you’ll see £50 in your PayPal or bank account.


All of your payout details can be found and edited by going to your Payout Settings.

In order to be paid out by ArchiPal, you need to:

1) Create an account, add your payout details under ” payouts” and begin to make sales. The Payments page is a different beast altogether. Read about that here
2) Once you hit the £100 mark, we review your sales to make sure they are legitimate in the eyes of our Terms of Service, and our banking partners’ policies. Reviews generally take 3 weeks.
3) If you are paid via ACH, we have to verify your identity.
4) We mark your account as compliant and you begin receiving payouts on Fridays.


You have to live (yes, actually live) in one of the following countries. You will be paid out in your native currency.

United Kingdom IndiaAustralia
The NetherlandsNew ZealandPoland
Hong KongCzech RepublicUnited States of America

You will need to provide your bank account number and your routing number (IFSC); if either of those is incomplete or incorrect our attempt to pay you will fail and your funds will be returned to us.

You will also need, and these are very important:

  • A physical address in those countries and a valid photo ID from those countries
  • If you live in the US or Canada, an SSN or SSI; In UK your NI and bank account; In India AdharCard
  • A valid phone number. And because Stripe is based in the USA, and is like all other American entities, a bit America-centric, be sure to put +44 or +61 or whatever your country code is before your phone number

If you do not live in one of these countries, you can only be paid out via PayPal. It doesn’t matter if you have a company based in one of these countries – you as the seller of the account need to physically live in one of these countries to get paid out. We get asked this question very frequently, so we have to state this several times in this article. So, to be sure:

If you do not actually live in one of these countries, you cannot get paid out to your bank, even if your bank is based in one of these countries. 

This isn’t a weird policy that we’ve decided to stick to – if your ID card does not match the country or address you’ve entered in your payout settings, Stripe (the company that handles our bank payouts and card processing) will not let us pay you out. Sellers who have attempted to get paid out have invariably been caught by Stripe. And because Stripe is less forgiving than us, when they see this happen, they will not only shut down your payouts, but they will prevent any customers from buying from you.

So! If you, for example, live in Turkey but have a business in the USA, you can only get paid out via PayPal. Can’t use PayPal? Call up a family member or friend who can and have them fill out their information in the payout page.


If you are based outside of those countries, your only payout option (for now) is PayPal. If you have a PayPal account please ensure that you have confirmed your account with PayPal or you will not be able to receive the funds we send to that account. You generally do not need a business account on PayPal to get paid, but you should check about policies with PayPal’s support team before getting set up.


If you are receiving payouts to your bank account, we pay you out in your local currency (the exchange rate is determined at the time of purchase). To be sure, If you live in Canada, you cannot be paid in GBP – we can only pay you in CAD. If your bank account only accepts GBP, your payouts will fail. Again, this is Stripe’s weird policy, not ours.

If you have PayPal Connect enabled, then you will receive your instant PayPal payments in your local currency.

If you do not live in the aforementioned countries, and you can only be paid out via PayPal, then you will be paid on a weekly basis in GBP. ArchiPal absorbs all the necessary fees for transferring money to your PayPal account.


Purchases that customers made using PayPal will be paid out directly and individually to your PayPal account. You can read all the ins and outs about PayPal Connect in this article.

Connecting your PayPal account for your PayPal sales happens at the Payments tab.

If you connect PayPal Connect, then that means:

  • For those who cannot receive payouts via bank accounts: you will have two kinds of PayPal payments. Instant payments where customers use PayPal, and payouts every Friday for your sales made by credit and debit cards.
  • For those who can receive bank account payouts: you will have a payout to your bank account on Fridays, and direct sales, where customers used PayPal, sent to your PayPal account.


Before you can be paid out, your account has to be reviewed. In fact, you likely arrived at this page from the Learn more link, shown in the picture above.

The review process can sometimes take several weeks, depending on how many sales you have and the data we can glean from them. Every account’s situation is unique so we can’t, unfortunately, provide any general timelines for all creators. Thanks in advance for your patience – we know the waiting can be harrowing!

In order to continue working with our banking partners (in other words, exist as a business), we have to ensure that we are sending money to legitimate Sellers who are:

    1. Compliant with our terms of service (TOS) and the TOS of our partners
    2. Not financial liabilities – i.e. not racking up chargebacks and suspicious purchases. Please note that NSFW accounts can sometimes take longer to be reviewed because by their very nature they are of a higher risk profile than non-NSFW accounts.

After you’ve made your first sales (sales you’ve made to yourself do not count, sorry! In fact, we ask that you please don’t buy your own products to “test” the payout system), your account will be reviewed by our Risk team. If your account has not been marked as compliant by our Risk team, you cannot be paid.

Once your account has been reviewed, you will see a payout date on your balance page.


ArchiPal pays its creators for their credit card sales every Friday via Direct Deposit or debit card (for the countries listed above) or PayPal ( everyone else). We’re constantly working to strengthen and enhance our payment flow to make it as fast, simple, and secure as possibleFollow the ArchiPal blog to be notified when we introduce direct deposit support for other countries.

As long as you have £100 GBP in your balance, you will be paid in the next payout cycle.

Every payout is for sales made up to the previous Friday. In other words, when you make a sale, the money from that sale has to sit in your balance for at least 7 days.

We have to hold onto money you’ve made from your sales for at least 7 days.

For example, if a pay day lands on Friday the 14th, you will be paid that day for all sales made up to midnight of Friday the 7th. You will not be paid out for any sales made after midnight of Friday the 7th.
The sales from the 7th – 14th are allocated to the payout that would take place on Friday the 21st, and so on.

Your balance page will not show sales that are not being added to this week’s payout. If you want an accurate reflection of all of your sales, you see the sales page or your customers tab.

Payments can take 1-5 days to process, so if you don’t see anything in your account on Friday morning, hang in there!

Every time you get paid, you can also download a detailed CSV of your payout by going to and clicking on the icon next to your total payout in blue.


For a more thorough breakdown of the Balance page, please refer to our article The Balance Page

On the Balance page, you can see when your next payout is, fee details, how much was already paid out to your PayPal directly ( see PayPal Connect) and the respectable (and hopefully sizable) amount you’ll be paid over on the Balance Page.

You can access your total balance anytime while logged into ArchiPal by clicking Balance from the dropdown menu under your name in the navigation bar. The number in the dropdown menu here is your total balance. It includes everything you are going to be paid this week, as well as sales that will be paid out in the following week.


If you want to see an accurate representation of your sales, we have created Sales Dashboard for you. The sales dashboard displays your sales before fees have been taken out, so do not be alarmed by a difference in amounts that you see.

We then show you how much you made, how much has been deducted from these sales due to refunds, ArchiPal’s fee, U.K. sales taxes, if you are calculating them, and affiliate sales. In the bottom row, we list your payout destination and how much you are being paid.

Note that if you’re being paid via direct deposits in a non-US country, the total payout amount will be shown in non-GBP, based on the conversion rate from GBP that happens at the time of purchase for credit card transactions and at the time of payout for PayPal transactions.

For more detailed information on any payout- or other period, you can inspect the sales and associated fees that you made during a specific date range. Simply click the drop down menu at the top of your Sales Dashboard and you can specify any period or you can click the start and end date in the calendar to see the sales for that specific time frame:

Learn more about exporting sales data here.

If you feel that there is a discrepancy between your sales and payout, please let us know through the link below in this article.


If there is a backlog with our Risk team, or your account has not accrued enough sales to be fully investigated, there may be a delay in your payouts. We need data to fully verify your account, and data means sales. If you’ve only made one or two sales, that often isn’t enough for us to verify you, sorry! The more sales you accumulate, the better we can judge your account and turn on your payouts.

Aside from your first payouts, there can be a other reasons why you experience a delay in payments. We explain the situation in more detail in our article on Payout Delays.

We understand that payout delays can be confusing and seemingly arbitrary, so always feel free to email us with any questions you may have in regards to this.


There is no way to split payments between yourself and others on ArchiPal right now. If you wish to pay out your partners, you have to do it after you have been paid by ArchiPal.

  • You do not need a Business PayPal account to be paid by ArchiPal. A personal PayPal account is sufficient to receive payouts. It just has to be verified and able to receive funds.
  • You can set up your payout settings by visiting in your Payout tab under Settings.
  • You can view when you’ll next be paid in your Balance tab.
  • Your balance is listed in GBP, not your local currency.


Q: Do I need to have a business account on PayPal to be paid out?
A: Nope! Your run-of-the-mill, meat and potatoes personal PayPal is fine by us.

Q: Will I have to pay PayPal fees on my balance?
A: ArchiPal pays all the necessary fees to put money into your PayPal account. Beyond that, you may be charged fees by PayPal for depositing money into your bank account. You can read more about PayPal’s withdrawal fees here.

Q: I’ve had over £10 in my account for over a week now, why haven’t I been paid?
We address the issue of payout delays at Payout Delays

Q: I need my money now, can you pay me tomorrow?
A: Sorry, our payout schedule can’t be adjusted for individual cases.

Q: It’s payday at 3:00 in the afternoon – why haven’t I received my money yet?
A: Sometimes PayPal and banking officials can be a little slow when processing money. Rest assured, the money is on its way.

Q: What happens if I enter the wrong payout information?
A: If there is an error in sending funds to you, we will hold your money in your account until the next payout cycle.

Q: I don’t live in the United Kingdom but my bank is based there, can I be paid by Direct Deposit?
A: No. The only way we can pay you to a UK-based bank is if you have a valid ID card showing your UK address, a NI/social security number, and a UK phone number.

Q: Why doesn’t my balance page show an up-to-date reflection of my sales? 
A: The balance page is designed to show you what you made in the last payout cycle, not sales you’ve made in the past 7 days. If you want to see an accurate rundown of your sales, go to the Sales Dashboard.

Q: I live in India and have a GBP bank account. Can I be paid in GBP? 
A: No. We can only pay you out in INR if you live in India.

Q: What happens if I live in a country where PayPal does not operate? 
A: If you can not be paid out via PayPal, you can not use ArchiPal. Sorry! Call up a friend or family member who you trust, who can receive the money on your behalf and pay you out accordingly.