ArchiPal Discover

Gumroad Discover recommends your products to prospective customers, helping you grow beyond your existing following and find even more people who care about your work (and maybe even your next Superfan! Or spouse!).

Just so we’re all on the same page, the Discover feature should not be seen as “Gumroad selling your products for you.” Neither we nor any other algorithm in the Universe knows who your customers are or what they want. If you want to start making sales, you should build an audience. If you need help with that, we have lots and lots of free resources available to you. 

Putting your products on Discover

By default, Discover is enabled for your products. You can turn this off in your settings menu. We have a few measures in place to prevent spam, fraudulent products, and products that have no documented appeal from previous customers from clogging up Discover’s beautiful aisles. 

We realize that these requirements can seem arbitrary and frustrating. In the end, it’s better to have a marketplace that customers actually want to browse through and be recommended relevant, legitimate products – rather than a place where literally every product that’s created (including test products and throwaway products) shows up in their face. Before these steps were in place, any search on Discover – no matter what search term – brought up lots and lots of identical spammy products. So! Because of a few bad apples, creators now have to jump through several hoops. 

Without further ado – for any product to show up in Discover, you first need to:

1. Turn on the Discover settings in your settings menu
2. Fill out your payout settings

Then, the product itself needs to meet the following criteria

3. It cannot be NSFW or adult
4. The product’s star ratings must be visible
5. The product needs to have been purchased by real customers (not self-purchases by yourself or a family member)
6. It needs to have received a rating on the product. 

And finally…

7. Your account needs to have been verified by us. 

That means: 

You need to have made at least $10 USD in sales, and our Risk team needs to have reviewed and cleared your sales. 

These rules help ensure that the Discover search results are not flooded with spam and adult products. 

So, if you are not seeing your products show up in Discover, it’s due to one of the reasons above. 

To help customers find your products, use tags. When you add a new product, you can add tags to target those who are most likely to purchase your product. You’ll find these settings in the product’s editing flow, all the way down in the Discover section:

Discover organizes products by 18 categories. When you create your account, you will select one of these categories that best describes your product (you can change this category in your settings). 

If you don’t want to use Discover, you can disable it in your settings at the bottom of the page. 

Additional Fees

Products purchased via Discover will be subject to an additional 10% fee over our usual feeThis applies even if the customer has purchased from you before. If they buy a product from you through the Gumroad Discover search, or through a receipt link, or via the Gumroad Library, or through any kind of referral aspect of the Discover feature, their purchase will be taxed the Discover fees.